Top 5 horror virtual reality videos you can watch on your cell phone

We love the immersive experience with virtual reality videos, so when it comes to horror movies, it makes us feel that we are surrounded by those spirits. Come with us now to watch the hand-pick horror movie list on VeeR and see if you can handle the horror.

  1. Inside the Chamber of Horrors

Wake up in a room finding yourself locked up on a chair with a dead body! What’s going on? It seems that you are not alone in this chamber of horrors.

2. Horror Laboratory

let’s walk through the horror laboratory. You never know what will happen next.

3. Oujia 2 — Origin of Evil

Discover the horror of the Ouijia in this immersive 360 VR experience! This is a VR experience clip from the movie of the same name, produced by Universal Studio.

4. SAW Want Play a Game


You are about be to chopped up. Can you escape from that?

5. RINGS 2017 — The ring 3


A remake of the Japanese movie The Ring. See if She will catch you.

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