When KPOP Meets Virtual Reality…

Taeyoun Hwang is a choreographer, columnist, dancer, blogger and vloger from Seoul, South Korea. He owns a dance studio of himself which is called NegativeMotion, located in Seoul as well. DynamiteKorean is one of his projects to share his experience, knowledge and feeling to people all over the world.

Taeyoun experiencing VR (Photo by Taeyoun Hwang)

Initially, Taeyoun was inspired after watching an Arabian rap 360 video. He wanted to make his own 360 dance videos, since he has been working with dance a lot. His first 360 gear was Ricoh Theta S, which can’t really guarantee the quality of the videos. Later he changed his gear to LG360cam, and currently he’s using Samsung gear360 2017 to help him produce high quality videos.

Speaking of the difference between traditional videos as well as 360 videos, Taeyoun says the choice depends on “the purpose of using the camera”. Sometimes traditional videos function better than 360 videos, but the latter definitely have their own advantages. Technology-based 360 videos can lead to indirect experience, which is usually hard to imagine in our current stage of comprehension.

Swag dance moves (Photo by Taeyoun Hwang)

Most of Taeyoun’s videos posted on VeeR are either about dance or about snowboarding, which are closely tied to Taeyoun’s job and hobby.“VR can help people to be on the stage even though they are not professional dancers”, said Taeyoun. It is a new way to express yourself and let the world sees who you are. And for choreographers, VR allows them to create moves together whether you are at the same place or not.

Taeyoun is a huge fan of snowsports. He had lived in Beijing for 4 months before, and the first type of sports that he did was snowboarding. Therefore, these two topics became the most frequently posted ones among all of his 360 videos. However, Taeyoun told us that he would like to create more 360 videos about the place he has visited as well as performances and sports games. Besides, as a Korean, Taeyoun is always proud to share more of Korean culture to the world. If possible, he might make a 360 video of Korean food in the future. If you’re a huge fan of hansik, stay tuned!

Funny Photo of Taeyoun Hwang (Photo by Taeyoun Hwang)

For beginner 360 videographers, Taeyoun has serveral pieces of advice to share as well. He recommends beginners to definitely check out high quality videos online and learn from them. However, at the same time, they should enjoy their own lives and try to explore the spotlights in their daily routines and using 360 videos to share their sincere feelings with others. Taeyoun said that he is a beginner in the VR field as well, so he was glad to discover that there are so many people who support all his work through veer.tv.

Originally published at veer.tv on July 5, 2017.

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