I recently took Chimp Essentials which is a video course by Paul Jarvis on how to use the email marketing software, Mailchimp.

I don’t actually care about Mailchimp. I was interested in seeing how Paul recommends setting up email marketing software, in general. The result? The course is fantastic, Paul is a great teacher and he taught me exactly how to use each feature Mailchimp offers to get the most out of it.

He also taught me something else: how little you actually need.

Paul’s business generates over $500k in revenue each year, which is more than most solo-business owners I know. …

This is a guest post by Julie Clute.

Folyo is all about building a business that lets you do the work you love and that’s why Rob asked me to share my story today. When people ask me what I do for a living I get excited because I get to answer: my dream job. What is my dream job, you ask? Going to Disney World… well… technically, I run a Disney World planning website called Double Your WDW.

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I started this business in 2018 and now I spend every day doing something I love. But It took me a long time to figure out how to create a business that combined the flexibility I wanted and the things that I feel passionate about. So in this post I want to share how I did it, incase you’ve struggled with finding a business idea or niche that’s both profitable and passion-inducing. …

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Remote UX jobs are a new thing.

So the process of finding and winning these opportunities can be a challenge.

Here Are 2 Questions You’ve Probably Asked Yourself About Remote UX Jobs:

  1. How many remote UX jobs are there, even?
  2. What does a remote UX job mean, exactly?

Today we’re going to answer both of these and more.

The goal is to help you create an effective framework for winning these jobs.

Let’s start with some stats. Here’s a look at how many remote UX contracts were posted on major job boards in the last 4 years:

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These numbers are only for the contract work, and do not include full-time opportunities.

Therefore, to get a rough estimate of F/T remote UX job volume, 10x these numbers. …



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