I published my first vlog yesterday.

I launched ugly — meaning I only used my laptop’s built-in video camera and an iphone.

I did this despite the fact that I have a nice Canon and mic in my office.


Because I decided it was more important for me to get something out there and iterate instead of trying to start with the perfect first video.

The truth is no matter what tools I used my first vlog was going to be bad.

My presentation and comfort level on camera still isn’t very good, so I should be focused on that right now.

A nice canon setup would’ve just distracted me from what actually matters.

It took me a few hours of setting up my camera, mic, and more to realize this. It was only when I reached a rabbit hole (my camera’s battery dying) that I questioned whether I needed it at all.

As a maker rabbit holes should scare you.

They appear in every project — whether it’s a new feature in your app, or a simple vlog — and deciding to jump into them should be done cautiously.

Cutting scope on a project is one of the most important skills you can learn — so I’m making a conscious effort to avoid rabbit holes from here on out.

Want to join me?

That was actually the topic of my first vlog. Hope to talk about this more soon.