Reasons to shut down my app, Folyo.

  1. It’s not making money
  2. When it’s not making money, it can’t create value for anybody
  3. Bugs are creeping in
  4. Spam and low quality job posts
  5. It hasn’t been interesting
  6. I’m not using it myself
  7. I no longer freelance
  8. It solves a seasonal pain point (ie. you only hire a freelancer a couple times a year, at most)
  9. I’m not enjoying it
  10. I have an idea for the site that I think is better

(Background: the site I’m talking about is my app Folyo. I claimed it from my friend Sacha Greif when he asked me if I knew of anyone who was interested in running it. I was! And in fact, I worked on it for months and months last year and ended up launching an all-new version… only it turned out to be a bit of a dud. But the good news is now, I’m more excited about it than ever. But it’s going to have to take on a different life. Here’s to that! More soon.)