#1 Intro. Why I need for a blog and what about it is going to be

Hi, my name is N8 and I’m foreign English learner. I’ve developed kind of system in order to improve my English level to the Advanced level. The system covers all four sections, out which Speaking, Listening, Reading and, of course, Writing, which I’m now training. Btw, in the following posts I will describe how I train all these sections. Some schools identified my English level as between B2 and C1, but guess they flattered and trying to attracts new customers in such way. Anyway, I decided to move forward and teach myself.

I have no blogging experience in the past. This is the first time I write in public. No plagiarism, copy-pasting from other blogs, no long preparation. Just simple structure with own “free-flow” minds. Committed for up to 1 hour to prepare for a post, including content gathering, structuring and writing. This is going to be one of the sincerest blogs ever… Just joking. But anyway, will do follow those principles and, of course, assume frequent fails, even “epic fails”, grammar issues, etc. So this is gonna be funny, isn’t it?

This is going to be one of the sincerest blogs ever…

Decided to do public releases/commitments. As a platform of blogging I chosed Medium. So this way I will see the progress of my writing skills improvement and won’t have a chance to modify previously posted ones in order to correct that ‘epic fails’.

The blog will focus on describing how I improve my English via own developed system. Secondly, will write about business stuff like how does investment business work, how to be productive, how to apply for MBA, etc.

NB: the post has prepared in 45 minutes. Speaking (6/10), Listening (6/10), Reading (7/10), Writing (7/10).