Getting More Leads for Your Plumbing Business with Leaflet Delivery

For a majority of plumbers, word of mouth is the most popular promotional method and perhaps even the sole source for lead generation and obtaining customers. But it would be great if there are more avenues for lead generation rather than a single one.

Considering this, letterbox distribution in Sydney is a foolproof method to get more customers for your business. In fact, dropping of pamphlets, brochures, leaflets or flyers can help a number of home service businesses such as plumbing. However, when you are planning to build a sales funnel for your plumbing business through leaflet delivery, you must consider things like your offer, the probable response rates and execution of the campaign.

Finding out whether there are takers for your offer

First of all, you need to find out whether your offer or strategy would be an effective one. You may take the help of Google Adwords keyword planner tools to find out keywords and their search volumes. You will get results like 890 monthly searches for blocked drains or 589 monthly searches for hot water service. Tally such search figures against the total number of households and accordingly go for leaflet delivery in Sydney, after arriving at a rough estimate of the percentage of homeowners who would be requiring your service.

You need to keep in mind that your offer should appeal to a good percentage of household owners who constitute your target audience. Also use your flyer, brochure or leaflet for generating leads rather than making a sale, since your prospects would definitely want to gather more information from you before buying your service.

Tips to improve your plumbing flyer delivery

Once you know what offer to place in your flyer for effective letterbox distribution in Sydney, the next job is to make your plumbing flyer campaign stand out. The following suggestions are worth taking a look:

· Everyone can make generic claims but to get recognition you must incorporate some powerful points of difference that is unique for your business and not easy to copy. Moreover that point of difference should be of considerable significance to your prospects and customers. You can include some exciting offer, customer testimonials, and the like.

· Once your flyer delivery campaign is over, the next question you should ask yourself is- did it yield positive results? This can be done by tracking website enquiries, phone calls, etc. In order to streamline this tracking process, it would be wise to use exclusive website addresses and phone number rather than the standard ones.

· To generate maximum number of leads, your offer should be as relevant as possible. It is good to have follow-up activities for the lead you generate in order to make the lead turn into a completely paying customer.

Most plumbing business owners do not have a clear idea of leaflet design or distribution. But you do not have to worry since there are reputed agencies offering letterbox delivery in Sydney, which have efficient teams to help you out.

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