Goodbye $TGT

I’ve been a big fan of Target $TGT for a while now and actually bought the stock after the credit card hack when I watched the stock fall down to around $55. But something very strange happened this weekend. I drove to a Target store with a small list of 5 items to get. I was unable to find 2 of the items and the 3 I did find were not the brand I was looking for. Paying for the 2 things I ended up buying was a true exercise of patience. There were only 3 stations open at noon on a Saturday with each customer taking several minutes checking out. I ended up spending a total of 45 minutes at Target. When I got home without really thinking about it I ordered all 5 things I was looking(brand and quantity) for from Amazon $AMZN to be delivered on Monday.

I realized Saturday afternoon that I won’t be shopping at Target $TGT anymore and sold my $TGT stock today for $69. I’m very happy about the profit and bought $AMZN stock with the proceeds. There’s a lot said about AWS, logistics, robotics, etc. but very little about the amazing retail experience anymore. It’s just taken for granted. It’s not perfect but it damn sure beats driving around the city trying to find something I want to buy.