Letter to God — 32

Hi God!

I feel pretty meek in writing to you tonight. I don’t feel as though I’ve really been able to get in touch with my emotions at all today. Even during Room (the movie), I felt pretty distant from what was happening to the characters. I can say that I did connect more with emotions than I would have in the past. Maybe that’s saying something?

God is there anything You can do to make it easier to get into and feel these emotions? Maybe You’re already doing stuff and I’m just having trouble seeing it. If that’s the case (and I do feel that it is) then thank You immensely. Do You mind us coming back to You in prayer for greater strength, clarity and faith on the same topic? I think I need to devote more time to doing my part.

I don’t know if Your Truth has made me more susceptive to lies or if I’m just more sensitive to them now (most likely both, the latter, being a result of the former), but I caught myself in the brain chatter of a lie this evening. I even had the opportunity to correct the lie on my resume and chose not to, so as not to jack up the formatting. I can see how this parallels lies that we tell and allow through omission.

Thank You for sending Your Divine Angels to help my spirit friends this evening. I, as You know, don’t yet have sight or sense to tell who was there, but I trust that through continued effort I can hopefully encourage some folks to turn their souls to You in great longing¹.

I do have a question for You. If, when I pass into the spirit world, I pass into any one of the 1–6 spheres, will I have an opportunity to teach the Divine Truth? Will this potentially be more beneficial than Celestial Spirits trying to establish rapport and teach, since I’ll be in the same soul condition? If this is a possibility, I’d greatly enjoy the opportunity!

Also, I’d like to say thank You for helping me to remember my dreams when I awake. I’d be fully happy remembering my sleep state if there’s anything that You can help me with there. Can I even remain conscious during sleep? That would be awesome!

Sweet dreams! Love You!


¹ Following in the steps of Dr. Stone, I also have a desire to help spirits that most likely have not heard of Divine Truth or know about the ways to get out of the darkness, pain and suffering that they’ve resigned to be their eternal fate. I’ve started reading to spirits every night and encouraging them to join me throughout the day as I listen to Divine Truth presentations or read other inspired material.