Letter to God — 38

Hi God!

I had an ‘aha’ moment today while listening to a discussion on desire. Actually I had a couple of ahas today.

In regards to desire, I realized that I can envision my relationship with You. Since it hasn’t occurred in the fullest yet, I can use my faith plus my desire, to express my longing. The aha was keeping this feeling and picture in my heart and mind of what that relationship can look like.

The second aha is about the eczema on my face. Given its location on the left side¹, I think that this provides additional clues about what the emotional issue is. This presents an interesting challenge, because now I’m really not sure what the emotional cause is. I’d love some help identifying the root cause if You can provide it.

I experienced a really pretty view of the Skagit valley on my way home tonight. It made me long for the beauty of heaven. I think about the plants, animals and vegetation that will be there. I can’t wait to see what you’ve designed.

I love You bunches! Sweet dream!

XO. L__

¹ Emotional issues with a specific gender manifest on different sides of our bodies, e.g. issues with the feminine on the left side, masculine on the right.

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