Letter to God — 50

Hello God!

I had a fun day today. Hanging out with those guys was both fun and relaxing. In some ways, they remind me of friends I had at one time in Kansas City.

I think it’s suggestive of how much I might enjoy being with people at times doing silly things.

I listened to a discussion this afternoon that helps provide some clarity about whether I’m truly receiving Your Divine Love. I think it’s fair to say I may have received Your Love a couple of times in very small doses — as that was all I could allow.

I have appreciated Your help and the help of my Guide and Guardian to bring me closer to my emotions and ultimately closer to You.

I continue to revel in fascination at it all. Your Love, Your loving systems, and my place within it all. I don’t spend enough time thinking about this gift of life You’ve given me. Nor do I often come to completely appreciate my free will — as I’m often looking to You for direction and instruction.

I’m coming to better understand Your perspective of free will. With this understanding; I continue to increase my ability to exercise my will in a direction and if I find out it’s not loving, then to adjust and modify my thoughts, actions, and words in such a way as to bring it into harmony with Your Love.

God, thank you for being You!

What can I do for You?

By the way, I remembered most of my dream this morning. Why did I wake up with such a start? Can you help me remember my sleep state, please!

I love You. Sweet dreams.


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