Letter to God 54 — Thanksgiving

Hi God!

I’ve felt pretty emotionally detuned most of the day. I haven’t really processed anything, or felt like I really connected with anything.

As I was brushing my teeth I did have a very friendly thought. I think I may have discovered one of my large passions — making music. It seems to combine a lot of interests into one for me.

I hope that more people turned their hearts Your way today in honest thanks.¹ If people only knew what I’ve come to start to discover, they’d surely have a much different celebration ritual.

Thank You for Your tender loving care for us all. Please help me come to know and understand Your Love.

I realized tonight just how far from perfect my love is. I felt twisted by this as I realized how much in contrast Your love and position would have been to mine at the time.

God, please help me continue progressing. Please feel free to burn Your call even deeper within my breast.

As the days pass, it seems like the more I discover that I need to work through to get closer to You. I guess this is part of the process, eh? As Your Divine Love has entered my soul in greater abundance it has caused these errors to come to light.

Truly thank You for everything God. Thank You for my Guide and Guardian.

Thank You for helping me try to come to help others discover Your love and grace.

What can I do for You?

Sweet dreams.


¹ The letter isn’t dated, but I’m pretty sure I wrote this on the night of Thanksgiving 2015.

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