Letter to God 56 — Liquid courage

Hi God!

I had a good time hanging out and making some new friends. They can be pretty silly. I really enjoyed that.

God, I’d love Your perspective on my behavior this evening. Firstly, after some time I finally caved and gave in and drank alcohol. I’d like to think it wasn’t because of an addiction I have to being less socially awkward and being more extroverted, but I fear this is precisely why I finally caved. Any thoughts?¹

I did face the fear of embarrassment and sing in front of people tonight, that was definitely interesting. Although, even in that I wasn’t willing to show myself 100% bare, as I never fell into my falsetto.

Finally, in regards to the connection I was feeling with Andrew — was I merely acting out of desperation? Was it an addiction or unloving behavior, especially since I ran into Max today for the first time since asking him out.

God if You’re willing to provide me the help, I’d love to examine my behavior in these various circumstances.

By the way, thank You for the continued help remembering my dreams. Also, thank You for sending Your Celestial Spirits² to help the spirits who are seeking help and guidance.

What can I do for you?

Love you!


¹ I have a fear of feeling socially awkward. Therefore, I’ll use a substance like coffee or alcohol to feel more extroverted. The addiction lies in turning to those substances instead of feeling my fear of being embarrassed or not accepted.

² Celestial Spirits are people that have passed from earth. While they’ve been in the spirit world, they’ve learned of God’s Divine Truth and have received enough of God’s Love to go through the New Birth and enter the at-onement state with God. Their souls have been transformed from the human soul into the divine.

More information about Celestial Spirits, Divine Truth, the New Birth and God can be found in the Padgett Messages: http://thepadgettmessages.org/padgett-messages/

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