And a step by step guide to change this

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Unpopular opinion: The best day of your life is not the day you get married, it can be any day if you know how to live it.

Before starting, it is essential to understand why you would want a day to become the best day of your life. Some time ago, I was not really focused on my days and was more concerned with years and future plans. But then I learned that according to WOPG, an average person lives around 25500 days. So this showed me that life is nothing but a collection of days and everyday matters.

After understanding this concept, I’ve come to the realization that my mindset was the thing that was stopping me from living my days to the fullest. So since last year, I’ve been working on changing my perspectives, and this way I discovered some methods that have helped me to fix my false views. Therefore in this article, I’ll be discussing the causes of this problem and the solutions for it. …

A mental first aid kit

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It does not have to take years to become a healthier version of yourself, because you can transform immediately by taking the right steps.

In the past 3 years, I’ve worked on becoming a healthier version of myself every single day because I was not where I wanted to be. Healing my past wounds and improving my relationship with myself had become my main focus because it was a necessity to do so.

I cannot say the journey was not challenging at all, but the methods I’ve discovered along the way have been immensely helpful. …

A recipe for a piece of pure joy

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Growing up should not mean enjoying simple things less and feeling bored more, yet for most, it means just that.

The way a child enjoys life is truly astonishing and admirable. They welcome life with a big hug. Every experience and discovery feels like a game, thus they stay curious.

But as adults, we mostly forget to greet life and act like we are bored with everything.

A great example of that can be seasonal changes, and since it’s October I would like to continue with autumn.

For children, all the little changes that autumn brings are so exciting. The dried leaves, puddles, or just the smell of the wind are all treasures. To feel great joy every single time they crush a leaf comes naturally to them. …


Letters from E.K.

Your weekly pen pal. (Life and Psychology)

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