It started as an idea.

It’s 4:31 in the morning, Saturday January 28th 2017. A man called Donald has been the President of the United States for one full week now. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t slept much. While I am wide awake and listening to the sounds of garbage trucks drive through the neighborhood, I thought I would take the time to write about why I created this Medium account.

It’s purpose is to keep track of my “Letters from Philly,” and hopefully reach a larger group of people over time.

“Letters from Philly” is an idea I had, that every Sunday during the term of this current administration, I would pick out 10 random addresses and send letters to the occupants. The letters will include personal stories, of myself or friends and family, and relate them to current political issues. At the end of each letter, I will ask the reader to reach out to our Senators, Bob Casey and/or Pat Toomey in response. My letters will use the Senators address as the return address, and include a stamped “return envelope” in order for the reader to mail our Senators on their own behalf.

The addresses will be picked at random, either the old fashioned way through the phone book, or may be a home that I walked by that inspired me, even a number from a dream. Who knows.

The goal is, for this to grow as a way of directly communicating and flooding our Senators offices with our concerns and demands. If I can reach out to, and convince, at least one person to utilize that envelope provided to them, I will be satisfied.

This Medium account will not only document those letters, but will hopefully be a way for the receivers of them to communicate with me, and share the letters they themselves have sent.

If you want to watch this grow with me, follow here, or on the Instagram account I’ve created (@lettersfromphilly)

If you want me to send a letter directly to you, please privately message me your information and I would love to. If you want to start sending letters to your Senator regardless, do it.

My first letter will be posted this Sunday, January 29th. Wish me luck, and as always, thanks for supporting my crazy. Xo