The People’s Caliphate

Hello again. I’m back

Recently, the government of Xaeron announced plans to increase the security of the nation, by upgrading the massive wall surrounding it from Outside. I thought this might be a natural point to talk about Xaeron’s government and how it all works.

At the time of the Founding, our founder, or here known officially as The One Who Pointed The Way, decided that democracy was flawed. People were allowed to pick their own views, and make decisions that impacted the world as a whole. This should not happen, he thought.

And that’s where Xaeron’s governmental system comes in. The government, known officially as the People’s Caliphate, is split into three branches. Security, Justice and The Council. Each focuses on one specific way of keeping Xaeron secure and safe.

Firstly, the People’s Security Section. This is where I work, and is that largest section of the government. It is tasked with keeping the country safe and preventing Citizens from learning about what is Outside. As well as this, the Protectors and Control Division also fall under PSS jurisdiction.

The People’s Justice Section is assigned with prosecuting any who go against The One Who Pointed The Way’s opinions and beliefs. These people are thought to be Traitors or Outsiders and are often executed mercilessly.

Finally, The Council. Run by the Xaeron Institute, the only political party here, it is tasked with making all of the decisions that affect the Nation. Ruled by the ruthless Raven, the Council are one-sided and not democratic in the least.

Well, not that much to talk about today. I’d better leave now, otherwise the Control Division will pick up abnormal signals, and then I will be no more.




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Letters From Xaeron

Letters From Xaeron

A collection of letters and diary entries from Xaeron.