Radicalised at the Rally: The importance of protest against lock-down.

To whomever is reading,

Please understand I have chosen to share this letter with you trusting that you are inline with my thoughts upon the current state of affairs in the UK, or at least a friend. Below is a personal explanation articulated the best I can upon my understanding of current events and subsequent personal experience.

Part 1:

Imagine you are the PM, your whole career centred around obtaining the coveted role of Prime Minister. Your peers propelled to equal heights. For you then to completely and utterly balls it up - not just you but everyone around you being complicit.

A succession of typically career ending errors; saddling several generations with debt, wrecking thousands of businesses, destroying a vast amount of livelihoods, decimating an already fragile healthcare system and gravely endangering all those dependent upon it – all in an unbelievably short time. Firmly registering yourself and your colleagues to the history books as the worst British government ever.

Think of the personality type of the sort people who strive for power, for them to get it, then for them to panic and to make one single fatal error so swiftly. Imagine the political shock that our government are in. The egotistical nature of these people would lend itself kindly to the scale of denial these people would comfort themselves with.

Al Johnson's cabal doubling down on restrictions welcomed merrily by those intoxicated by the group-think plaguing Whitehall - and that is aside from the mention of a further personal consolidation of beliefs that a near death experience and all those effected by that event would entail. It would have to be a truly great man to admit making such a huge mistake.

I thought it was this coincidental cacophony of beliefs and errors which was the most obvious explanation for everything happening and one I believed above all else until I attended Trafalgar Square on the 26th.

Part 2:

I went to the rally, I was expecting to stand in a door way by the side, watch what was going on, keeping out of trouble but putting myself there to be counted as everyone does at a protest. What took me by surprise was, and I can not think anything differently now about 2020 any longer, it was exactly like being back in 2019. No masks, no social distancing, smiling faces and crucially no fear.

After a while I had forgotten about the horrors the New Normal. It felt like a fridge that had been buzzing in the background had finally been switched off but I hadn't ever noticed it was ever on. That feeling, coupled with a sense of solidarity, is uniquely shared now by those who attended.

When you think about how the New Normal has been implemented; incrementally, saying one thing and doing another, yet the overall direction of travel has always been the same. Arguably, by design it has meant to feel like a fridge, unnoticed, buzzing in the background. The rally felt like a relief from that, a glitch in the continuation of the programme, switching the fridge off, a weight lifted from the shoulders. Something which the creators of the New Normal will never want you to experience.

When I walked back to the train down Charing Cross road I was met with masked scared faces again, people social distancing on pavements, and faces of masked shop owners reluctantly complying. It was the sharp contrast from having briefly forgotten about this new world we were creating for ourselves, 2019 to 2020, old to new normal, I urge must be experienced to be fully understood.

The New Normal was gradual, deliberately slow as to be psychologically erosive; the rally was sudden, undoing 6 months of indoctrination quickly, psychologically liberating, as if transporting you back to a festival pre-virus. This psychological reason is exactly why the police had to shut it down - and most scarily why there will never be a packed football stadium, or a festival, or a live music gig again.

Once you've experienced our old normal, as you do at these rallies, you can never see the New Normal the same again. And that is why these rallies are so important. They have to be experienced to be fully appreciated. In the same way as you would say Glastonbury, Champions league final, your best mates gig in the local, exactly the sort of events forbidden, have to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

It is dangerous for the continuation of c19 authoritarianism for people to understand how far they have sunk into the New Normal by glimpsing into the past. You realise the recent destruction of human contact isn't as much an optimist's view as an unavoidable side effect but rather the pessimist's view it has been manufactured psychologically upon us. And the state can not afford people to know that.

Any confusion as to why Extinction Rebellion and Black Lives Matter are allowed to protest but a peaceful freedom protest is not is purely down to the dangers posed to the State in the psychological understanding that the attendees take away with them. I'm inclined now to think the Al Johnson cabal and their talk of military intervention have not overlooked that.

Be Brave, Choose Freedom.



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