How do I say goodbye to someone I never truly had… You, the dragon of my desires, the king of the vast worlds I dreamt up in my mind to make room for a love that was growing too fast to contain in my tiny heart.

There is a sadness I feel when I think of letting you go, as if I was the destroyer of those worlds that started so vast and beautiful and slowly turned into hellish labyrinths where I become lost whenever I think of you. I want to lit a match and burn them all down and watch the flames wash away all the hurt that has turned my dreams with you into a cold and dark and empty place. I see buildings engulfed in flames filled with memories of times you didn’t show up, I see texts you never answered and gifts you never awknowledged fighting to survive in my memory but I just want pour more oil. I want them all gone you see, I want the last year to disappear, I want to forget how much I loved you.