Dealing with Food Cravings

At the beginning of this year 2017, I decided that I’m going to be very INTENTIONAL about what I put into my mouth. I decided that I’m going to take in more of what would be beneficial to my body than what would deplete it and so I set out my diet plan for the year which included “Less sugar, fried foods, gluten foods & more greens” among other things.

Now I’m going to be REAL with y’all on how I’ve been able to deal with my food cravings whilst trying to maintain my diet plan for the year.

I’m sharing this because I know there are so many people who have set out their diet goals trying to lose weight/eat clean and all that good stuff but are finding it hard to deal with food cravings.

So let’s get straight to it.


Now I must say that all the things I’m going to share are based on my experience and it’s really helped me. Not to sound harsh but what works for me might not exactly work the same way for you or a third party, that’s why I believe it’s very important for you to know yourself. Know your body and learn to take note of things that might lead to you having cravings to really know how to deal with it.


Whatever you may be craving that can affect your diet plan, there might be a healthier and much better alternative to it; you just have to look out for it.

For example, you might be craving strawberry flavored yogurt which is 200 calories. You can always get low fat strawberry flavored yogurt instead which is 105 calories.

When we consider foods to snack in between meals, instead of buying pastries or chocolate bars all the time, there are much healthier alternatives like sugar free biscuits/Granola bars (made with 100% natural whole grain oats and other ingredients) which can give you great satisfaction. For readers residing in Nigeria, there are great food startups with healthy and affordable options like: Reel fruit, Nuli Juices, So fresh NG, Simply green etc. (Please write down in the comment box if you know of any other startup so we can update the list).


Oh I can’t explain how this has really helped me. Especially at night (which is usually when my cravings are at its peak) I just drink water. Sometimes you might be having cravings and you’ll think its hunger when all your body just needs at that moment is water.

4. “Give in but do it SMARTLY”

Usually when I have food cravings, I would try my best to distract myself from thinking about it Or I would just give in(I’ve given in more times this year though )

But I always ensure that it’s done in MODERATION. You know what, there’s really nothing wrong in getting a chocolate glazed doughnut once in a while or a slice of Meat deluxe pizza (one of my faves). I think one thing that really affects people when they try to follow a diet plan is when they restrict themselves too much. I think we all need a cheat day at least once a week to indulge our cravings BUT!!!! And I say this again BUT!!! You have to ensure that it’s done in moderation or else the more you allow your body to indulge, the more you’ll keep craving.

Then there’s one thing I always do as well which may not work for everyone as I stated earlier… once I indulge, I always ensure that I flush it out after

I always blend spinach, celery, banana & 1tbsp coconut oil. This helps me cleanse and I always feel so much better after.


Once thing I’ve observed is, the more I have the foods that I’m trying to avoid in my line of sight the more I crave for them and so I’ve learnt to ensure that I buy more of the things that I know would be beneficial to my body. E.g. FRUITS & vegetables. For you it might be to avoid walking in that aisle in a mall/supermarket filled with sweets, chocolates, biscuits or whatever you’re trying to avoid or even unfollow food accounts on social media that’ll make you have more cravings (someone might say that’s extreme) but it’ll go a long way trust me. As it’s often said “Out of sight, Out of mind)

Written by Toluwanimi Akinola