There’s a huge misconception between these two words. Apparently they are understood within the same context. However, they have their individual meaning. Before I get into the dictionary meanings, here’s what I have come to understand. 
Education is a matter of the mind. Education does not necessarily have to occur in a formal school or classroom environment or setup. Education as defined by Napoleon Hill in his Think and Grow Rich Book is getting what you want out of life without violating the rights of others.
Education affects and impacts your whole being, not just in knowledge of letters, words and statements but it goes deep into influencing your attitudes, character and approach to life and the diverse situations and circumstances we eventually face or come to. Education purifies your mind, education nurtures your knowledge into Understanding. Education when wholly embraced transforms you and brings out the best in you. Hence, education occurs in several ways; one can be educated through books, observations, counsel, experiments, and calculated risks, also by chance. Your mind has to be open to be educated. You need to have a mindset to learn in every situation (either good, bad, ugly, great) that you come across in life. Do not become accustomed to legalism (a particular way of life constrained by rules, regulations and commandments). Education is superior to schooling, embrace total education. Education is lifelong learning. 
Not to schooling, schooling is anything and everything you hear, see or do within the four walls of a classroom, laboratory, studio etc. (as the case may be). Schooling involves gaining knowledge in different aspects of life that has been compartmentalized into subjects and courses. Schooling is structured and has a definite pattern to be subscribed to. Now, due to this structured and patterned nature of schools majority of millennials tend to get bored easily, most of us do not want anything that is routine – it has become monotonous and in major cases, anything that has become monotonous has lost a major part of its value , if not total value lost. Schooling majorly involves a teacher and a student or set of students. In schools, you get to be taught and in advanced schooling, you get to carry out research or experiments, most times to prove what you have been taught. 
In summary, in education you get to learn but in schooling, you get to be taught.