Enjoying God’s best in your relationship

God wants the best for you and there’s no doubt about that. He wants you to thrive and not to strive. He wants you to enjoy the journey to fulfilling purpose and enjoying the life that He has designed for you Jeremiah 29:11. He wants you to have a relationship and marriage filled with love, happiness, joy, peace and all the “best” things that come with knowing God.

Sometimes, it’s so easy to embrace the comfort zone where things are going just fine — you’re in a regular relationship, you’re neither happy nor sad, everything is simply ok. But the truth is — there’s more to a purposeful relationship than just enjoying each other’s company or simply allowing time to pass by. God wants you to enjoy His best in every area of your life and this includes your relationship.

In this post, we will be looking at how to enjoy God’s best in your relationship.

Make God your focus Matthew 6:33

There’s no way you can enjoy God’s best if you don’t make God your focus! Imagine a random person came to you and asked for “N5,000”, you’ll probably think twice before handing it over to him/her right! But if someone you love and who always gave you attention comes and asks for the same N5,000; you’ll probably give it without thinking twice. It’s the same way when we relate with God. If we don’t make God our priority, we can’t fully access all the blessings and benefits that come with knowing, focusing on and serving God. Until you completely surrender to God and make Him your priority, you can never enjoy His best in your relationship Matthew 6:33. The only way you can know and enjoy God’s best or be capable of expressing it in your relationship is when you know God (1 John 4:8) and make Him your focus.

No matter how much you love that guy, ensure that you never place him above God Proverbs 3:6

Love is a beautiful thing but it is not enough reason for us to put our beloved before or above God. Sometimes, we unknowingly place that “special guy” before God and yet we expect God to give us His best. For instance, you plan to go for Bible study and then your partner calls asking you on a date which you instantly agree to whilst cancelling your bible study. Does that ring a bell? It’s impossible to access God’s best if you are not making Him your priority.

Let Christ be the foundation of your relationship 1 Corinthians 3:11

When I talk about making Christ the center of your relationship, I am not referring to simply identifying one guy that goes to church and deciding that on the basis of that, he is suitable for you. No! I’m talking about yielding yourself to the leading of God such that when he sends “the one” your way, you’ll be quick to know spiritually and then physically — This is so important because you can’t make Christ the foundation of a relationship if God did not lead you into that relationship in the first place.