Preparing for Mr. Right

Tall - ✔
Caramel skinned - ✔
Ambitious - ✔
Spiritual - ✔
“God he has to be perfect for me!! “
“I can’t settle for less in life o, this guy has to be all that”

*cough* *cough*
Looks familiar to you?
Yep that's a small fraction of the checklist your head looks through whenever your heart finds itself attracted to any guy.

I'm an advocate for having a checklist; I mean you have to know what you want if not every and anything will look right to you. You are very much allowed to have a preference for your Mr right but let your preference be well guided by the Holy Spirit, so your case doesn't turn to "please try again later", over and over again.

We all want Mr right! 
Mr "I perfectly complement you"

Here's the thing yeah, you will mostly attract what you are! 
Before you start sizing someone up, you need to be worthy enough to do so.

  • Strive to be Mrs. Right
    In your quest to finding Mr. Right preparation is key for you. Work on yourself first and foremost before looking out for someone who will complement you. You don't want to be looking for the perfect guy when you still have a lot of garbage.
    Settle down with yourself to know if you're the kind of person you will like to end up with in future - if you're not then you have a lot of work to do. Grow spiritually, mentally and physically.
    Learn how to be a well balanced woman because you will need it!
    Nobody is saying be perfect but at least don't be a burden to someone.
  • Get your goals on check darling 
    Be filled with goals, dreams and ambitions. 
    Have a direction in which you are going in life. 
    Look, every man wants a trophy wife and in the 21st century, a trophy wife isn't a woman sitting pretty whose only goal is to marry a rich man. A trophy wife is a woman with goals and ambitions, who stays steady supporting her man and is constantly pushing to move forward in life. A woman whose drive even drives her husband to want to be better.
    You need to not only have goals but also be already moving towards achieving them.
  • Don’t be desperate and if you are better do well to conceal it 
    I mean any man can smell desperation miles away! There’s no need to be. Take your time! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Mr. Right won’t be with you for 5 months; with him it’ll be a lifetime commitment.
    As in forever! Forever is not a joke and it is a really long time to be with someone you rushed to be with
  • Pray! Pray! Pray!
    I’m not saying this to be spiritual or anything, trust me. You don’t want whom you perceive as Mr. Right to eventually turn out to be Mr. Wrongest. Most especially at a point when it’s too late. 
    Commit yourself to putting it into prayers from now. You need to tell God to guide you so that you don’t make the wrong decision
    There will be a lot of “wannabe RIGHTS”, it is only the Holy Spirit who sees what we cannot see that can help us distinguish genuine from fake.
    So Yes Sister, you gotta pray!

Turn yourself into someone's dream wife, train yourself to be an amazing mother.
Prepare towards these things, it's never too early!
Leverage on materials that'll help you grow, you just have to grow before you meet that perfect man

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