Putting God first in your relationship

What does it mean to put God first in your relationship?
It means making God your focal point in your relationship and letting Him (His word) have the final say in your relationship. It also means loving God with all your heart, soul and strength. Furthermore, it is expedient at this point for me to clearly state that before God can become the priority in your relationship; you must first have a personal relationship with Him. As it is impossible for humans to understand the language of animals and animals also can’t understand human language that is how it only take a child of God to understand Him and have a thriving relationship with him.
In putting God first in your relationship the following fundamentals needs to be considered;

the knowledge that God loves you is the backbone of a lasting relationship with Him and others around you. His love is unconditional and inexhaustible. The most perfect kind of love comes from God, and
His love fills every vacuum led by any human factor. You must realize that His love is always for you and you can bank on it any day any time. This will make you trust God with your life and live for

In order to make God your priority and let Him occupy that position in your relationship, your partner or spouse to be must also be someone who has similar desire to please God in his/her relationship, because like terms will always attract. Understand that you shouldn’t be unequally yoked together with unbelievers (2 Corinthians 6:14). Your relationship is at the mercy of the “faith agreement” between you and your spouse to be. To be happy and continually be in your relationship this must be considered carefully.

3. BE PRAYERFUL (Acts 6:4)
No Christian is more powerful than his/her prayer life. When prayer becomes a burden in a relationship that relationship can be considered a “time bomb” permit me. Intimacy with God, begets intimacy with your spouse. By praying together you experience God together and you can surmount any challenge that may arise. Your conquest in the face of challenges is fueled by your “war room” (prayer room).

4. READ THE BIBLE AND ANOINTED BOOKS (Proverbs 4:20 -22, psalm 119:105)
A wise man once said “before you open any book, open the Bible”. Studying and meditating on God’s word sharpens your relationship to please God at all times. Reading the Bible together will enhance the
spiritual growth of the relationship and its establishment. Also, the knowledge of the word of God naturally breeds faith in God, and with faith there is no limit in your relationship.

Every child of God is called to serve the interest of God in His kingdom. You must realize that you are saved to serve God (1 peter2:9b). You serve God physically, that is using your God-given ability to serve Him physically. Spiritually, that is praying for the expansion of His kingdom and soul winning. Financially, that is your financial involvement in the promotion of His kingdom on earth.

Be careful of creating an atmosphere that could lead to premarital sex, sex should be consummated in marriage alone for that’s the standard of God. Premarital sex will turn away the abiding presence of
God in a relationship and give an ungodly foundation to it. In addition, the trust in d relationship can be tampered with if premarital sex is engaged.

7. LIVE A PRAISEFUL LIFE (Isaiah 12:3)
A praiseful life enhances joy and joy is the breeding ground for God’s presence. God’s presence is what makes the difference in life and destiny. So maintain an atmosphere of praise and joy in your
relationship and you will never know a better yesterday. In conclusion, since our lives depends on God, it is only wise to put Him first in your relationship as every other thing will be at your beck and call when you do that (Matthew 6:33).

Written by Rebecca Anyana Owoi,


Rebecca is a writer for the Relationship category at L2L initiative.



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