3 Stigmatized Biz Terms Made Awesome (Replacing Overwhelm & Disgust With Truth & Humanity)

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In business, our humanity often feels absent. If you look around, it’s almost eerie how that seems inherent in the design of “business” (from buildings to clothing to everything). The words we use are part of that foundation. Yet: it’s actually how we look at those words that produces problems. Thus, the point of this article: We need to have a good, hard look at our definitions.

Whenever you come up to an important word — either general business terms or those you flinch or feel strongly about … Stop, for a moment, and ask yourself what you’re really looking at. That call to action might not always be evil, annoying or stealing someone’s time.


Is “traffic” actually traffic…?

…Not to a profitable business. During their time of success, they surely didn’t see people as numbers on a screen.

…Not to the person whose business exists because of and for the benefit of the client. If these weren’t too awesome to be violent, using the word “traffic” would get you punched in the face. And you’d deserve it. Why? Because traffic is the most messed up — not to mention business-destroying — term ever. Next time you read or use the word traffic, remember this image (showing you “traffic”):

Now, let’s take another different term. A call to action, what’s that…? Yes, we’re calling them to do something but what is the action. That’s the whole point! You might feel, about the CTA, that it takes from your people. …You’ve already taken their time and energy, and now you’re shameful enough to ask for what provides roof over their head. That’s one way of looking at it. Another is: if this really is something your people need, you’re inviting them to do what they should’ve done a long time ago. You’ve shown them what they truly need, and now you offer to bring it to their life.

What about “sales”. Well, that’s simple, actually…good/bad comes down to whether you’re selling them something they need. Do you ask them to spend their finite resources — time, energy and money — on what actually benefits them…? Is your offer what you genuinely believe will bring them more than they spend (and you’re making sure they know if they are the right person for this)? …Or, are you simply asking them to russian roulette finite time on earth, energy and hard earned cash.

Your personal heartbreak-term;

So what is your thing… A the word that: Makes you feel like an asshole “sell”),

Confuses the hell out of you (want to talk about “marketing”?),

…Or just messes you up?

And why does that term trouble you..? I’d love to know .

The way forward

A NYT bestselling author, I’ve been helping, loves the idea of an alternative biz dictionary. I’d love if you commented your own suggestion for a new definition of a word. Just any “kind of” common term; followed by your more empowering, inspiring or simple definition.

Thank you for reading! I hope this gave you a different perspective. Maybe it showed you, you don’t have to be confused, disgusted or stressed out over these terms) . If you know people who’d need to read this, bring them here! Again, you can share whatever you think is relevant, via highlighting the text and clicking the twitter-icon which pops up.

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Final words: Keep looking for the authenticity, empathy and daily magic out there (see it, enjoy it & reciprocate it)