If you feel like a failure, these are 3 things you can try

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This post will be about honesty”, “realism” & “1%” (the last one talking about the power of momentum, about doing 1% every day; which I’ll talk about in just a bit).

We’ll first consider how they “collaborate”. These are, believe it or not, sides of one and the same coin. — they’re different sides of the same coin. Honesty equals realism since dishonesty brings us out of touch with reality (and in-touch with a dream world). 1% equals realism because it equals truth (making it honest). 1% equals honesty because honesty equals realism and 1% is realistic. I realize this probably makes very little sense, so far. Bear with me (because you’ll love it).

If you’re dishonest about what success demands, you’re unrealistic and will thereby forever be unable in thinking that 1% is enough. . Why…? Because 1% instinctually feels “too little” (which is not that strange because of our genetic pre-disposition to function on a moment-by-moment basis where 1% only ever appears as 1%, because we haven’t seen what it looks like after being nourished by time and other factors). Since 1% progress seems insufficient, you’ll — rather than feel pumped about having small, daily efforts build something of significant value, a proverbial cathedral— constantly struggle with “little progress” (also called “failure”). Maybe you struggle because, then and there, cathedral building blocks look like failures. You get continually worked up, over “failure to do enough”, and build a progressively more poisoned emotional existence; all because you believe a little never becomes a lot (which you believe because you’re looking at the 1%, the seed, rather than 1% in bloom; and time is what makes it bloom).

As far as failure/success goes, the craving for unneeded instant gratification equals existing in a different dimension. You demand to see results right away, when such results can’t come near the impact of 1% over time (but which only comes with faith and a relaxed mindset).

Believing in 1% requires Honesty, and Honesty requires Trust. You need to trust in what feels is too little being just the right amount. However, in stressed out moments, you might be too mentally scattered to think straight. Then, the best idea is to do whatever takes you out of that fight-or-flight state, so your body no longer thinks it has to do something about a life-or-death situation (which mentally frees you to look ahead because your body now trust in a future, which means you will realize that a little becomes a lot; you will never believe $0.01 doubled daily turns into $5 000 000 in a month, because it’s just too hard to believe — and you really never do double money like that — but you will believe in momentum).

Again: Not trusting in 1% as enough is consequential of a psychology meant to keep us alive in the moment. Will running 1% or hitting the tiger 1% save you…? Hell no. So, while stressed out, little progress or small effort will never seem sufficient.

What if you just accepted 1% as the most powerful thing; what would happen..? If you made a promise, to yourself, that 1% a day will be enough from now on. …Then, in addition, you went out and tried to do a lot but with that trust in 1% as the best possible thing, to fall back on to constantly cushion the fall, whenever you fail.

So… you go out on your adventures — being as ambitious as you want, really dreaming away and all that — grounded in the realism-driven, honesty-founded notion that no matter what, 1% will have the biggest part in realizing those dreams.

What kind of comfort would that give..? How much more hopeful would you then feel in the midst of your “failures”? How much more resilient would you be if you just remembered “1%”..? And how much easier would it be to take that one more step and try again..? How much easier would it be to bounce back?

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