Being Edgy Just to Have An Edge Is Anything But Edgy

Just as a confident person steps forward, or raises his voice, only when it makes sense, edginess exists when it arises out of something. You don’t plaster “edge” onto reality.

It’s all about whether there is content to it; where there is something backing the controversy or is it a facade. Are you being clown-loud or is that loudness — one kind of “edgy” — a natural, and for-all-the-right-reasons attention-grabbing consequence of you fighting for something you believe in?

There is nothing less edgy than an attempt to fit in, and that’s what edgy for edginess’s sake effects to. You’re not saying anything real or giving anyone anything. Find yourself, find what you really believe in, and be loud about that instead.

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Final words: Keep looking for authentic, inspiring and meaningful, (and when you find it, enjoy it & reciprocate it)