Even if You Feel Worthless, It’s Probably No More Than 15 minutes Since the Last Time You Proved You Were Awesome

Memories are state-dependent. When your headspace is negative, you see only negative. From that state of mind, your entire life has been negative. Has it…? Not really. Let’s imagine your emotions are a table (bear with me here). Below it is the negative spectrum; from 1% to 100% negative. On the upside is the positive spectrum — 1% to 100% positive. Well, when you’re negative you’re under the table. So you can’t see the shit of anything positive going on.

So, if you’re in a situation and start to feel “negative”. …Is the person in the sales meeting really 100% uninterested about everything you’re saying? And has everyone ever been? …Is the attractive person of the opposite gender really looking down at you? Or are you just assuming so. And have all your encounters with the opposite gender been negative.

Let this simmer, and start noticing it around you, throughout next week and see where it takes you.

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Final words: Keep looking for authentic, inspiring and meaningful, (and when you find it, enjoy it & reciprocate it)