My 100 Days for Hillary

By this point, I thought I knew everything there was to know about Hillary Clinton. I imagine it’s hard for most people not to feel this way.

Last week watching the DNC, I was stuck by something I may have known but had never fully appreciated: for nearly fifty years, Hillary Clinton has been chipping away at problems she just can’t stand to see unresolved. Sometimes she has had the opportunity to make a difference for millions — but perhaps as often, she has done it one problem, one person, at a time. To me — that is god damn inspiring.

This beautiful post from one of her former constituents sums it up well.

Or, as the Explainer-in-Chief put it on Wednesday night:

If you believe in making change from the bottom up, if you believe the measure of change is how many people’s lives are better, you know it’s hard and some people think it’s boring. Speeches like this are fun. Actually doing the work is hard.

I’m not sure I’ve ever been so proud to be an American as I was last week. The rhetoric was soaring — inclusive, optimistic, compassionate. It painted a picture of the country I know and love and believe in.

But now I know I should get to work, too. And since I do better when I have a plan — and even better when I share that plan — here’s my small contribution.

There are exactly 100 days between now and November 8th. Each day I’m going to take one action (however small) to help send Hillary to the White House. On busy days it may be a small donation. On bigger days it may be hosting a fundraiser. And in between it may be making calls and sending emails to bring others into the fold (if you’re reading this — get ready).

100 days, 100 small steps — #100daysforhillary.

PS For any who are looking for ways to contribute — whether money, time, or both — I’d love to hear from you. I’ll find a way to rope you in.