USB Type-C™’s Configuration Channel

  • “Type-A” ports become Downstream Facing Ports (DFP)
  • “Type-B” ports become Upstream Facing Ports (UFP)
  • DFP uses an Rp, or a pull-up resistor between CC and 5V (not Vbus, as Voltage may change using USB PD)
  • UFP uses an Rd, or a pull-down resistor between CC and Gnd
  • Legacy Host Adapter — Standard-A plug or Micro-B receptacle on one end — Requires a 56kΩ pull-up from CC to Vbus
  • Legacy Device Adapter — Micro-B plug, or Standard-A receptacle, or Standard B plug on one end — Requires a 5.1kΩ pulldown from CC to Gnd.
  • On Legacy Host Port Adapters, power and data always flow toward the Type-C plug.
  • On Legacy Device Port Adapters, power and data always flow from the Type-C plug.
  • Default USB Power — 56kΩ pull-up
  • 1.5A — 22kΩ pull-up
  • 3.0A — 10kΩ pull-up
  • Determines role, Host Vs. Device
  • Determines when devices are attached to host
  • Determines orientation, allowing for Type-C’s “flipability”
  • Negotiates up to 3A power between charger and device.
  • Negotiate higher voltage and current, up to 20V, 5A for 100W of power
  • Power role switching, so your hub powers your laptop, instead of the other way around
  • Data role switching
  • Alternate mode, so you can use your USB cable to display video, or much much more.

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