Apple Music vs Spotify — in Pictures

I’ve read a lot of articles in the past week about Apple Music being a usability nightmare. Sure, there are buttons that don’t work, very long action sheets, and overall buggyness. But, there are things to love about Apple’s new service. Spotify has had many iterations and well enough time to get things right. Here’s how Apple Music stacks up with Spotify.

1. Artist Pages

I really love Apple’s take on the Artist page. It’s draws focus on the Artist and sheds a better light overall

If you happen to select an Artist in Apple Music, you’ll see a really airy landing with a hero image nicely faded into a background fill color picked from the image. This is followed by an organized list of songs, albums and playlists that Artist is in.

2. Genre Playlists

Something you’ve probably seen in other places, an image backdrop with overlay text. I would of faded the image back a bit for legibility

If you go into the New Tab and scroll a bit, you will find a strip called Apple Editors Playlists. Here, you’ll find a bunch of genres carefully curated by humans. It uses a common image fill with overlay text to display the playlists. This is their winning feature in my opinion. It takes the pressure off you to create playlists, and let’s you jump into any on the fly.

3. The Player

Again, Apple using space as an advantage. Here, they take the album art and fill the entire top almost half of the phone screen. What you don’t see is the status bar at the very top hidden by Sean’s Dark Sky.

The player has been streamlined from previous version of Music and every item is placed elegantly on the page. You have a nice and big hero album art. An indicator in the top left to signify the ability to minimize the player.

4. The Queue

Apple Music’s Queue takes advantage of space here wonderfully

The queue in Apple Music is beautifully designed in that you can see the song currently playing + enough songs in one screen without forcing scroll. You can also quickly drag and drop positions to setup the perfect queue and be the live dj you’ve been striving to be.

5. Personalized Playlists

For you are curated playlists that Apple has surfaced for you based on your interests and likes throughout the app. They are beautifully stacked in cards that you can easily navigate through and play at will. It gives you the freedom to tab through and listen to playlists until you find the one you like.

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