Digital Culture: Complete Connectivity But At What Price?
Abigail Hart

I enjoyed this article very much!! As someone who lives “off-the-grid”, I love every minute of it. I have a snapchat and facebook account and thats it. I only have 8 friends on facebook, and I only have it because of work. There’s a certain level of freedom that comes with this lifestyle but it does beg to question, what do others think of my lifestyle. The next question is, do I care? Honestly, I do not care what others think of this lifestyle as I do not have to worry about reading things I do not want to read, I get to enjoy my own sense of privacy from others but the flaw is I miss out on E-vites and big news people share through facebook. However, they always text me to tell me anyways so I found it, just delayed but I am okay with that.

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