So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

Why anyone would kick off their startup by shouting “Ok folks, we’re going to annihilate ’em mom-and-pop stores!” is beyond me — instead of putting workers out of business, shouldn’t your message be to empower them?

Here’s the thing: this is as much of a store as a vending machine. Can vendies replace shops? Uhm, not really — even if they’re a pretty decent solution for bringing bits of retail to places where otherwise it wouldn’t be feasible to open up and run a store, either physically or financially. They’re bland, utilitarian, uninspiring metal boxes.

But you know that. That’s why I don’t understand why aren’t you selling me this idea as

“an incredible vending machine that both customers and suppliers will love”

, and instead you go with “this will be so darn disrupting holy shits it’s gonna put all your mums out of their businesses!”. What the heck were you and your marketing consultant thinking?

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