Importance of schedule for business and yourself.

Long time passed since my first and last update. A lot to tell. But let’s talk about facts. My company Banana Studios started and finished first project for 2 Local Universities. Started creation of a first game and all this was made by 2 friends. But now that wheels started spinning I understand that I have ways to go. And here is my daily schedule:
6:00 AM — wake up
6:10–7:00 — Training.
7:00 — Shower.
7:20–8-:20- Meditation
8:20–8:15 — Breakfast
8:15–14:00 — bringing new ideas for upcomming projects.
14:00–15:00 — private time (Gaming and all that stuff. (what would be a game development company without gamers ? ))
15:00–19:00 — Improving programming and design skills.
19:00 21:00 — Bike ride for 28,7KM (This is length of a chosen route) in under an hour. (best time 1:10:34)
21:00–23:00 — reading a good book.
23:00–6:00AM — having rest (party, sleep or whatever comes to your head)

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