Living Up the Stink on the Trail

Being Clean on the Move

So you’re going out on the trail, out to travel and see the world, maybe for a few hours or for a few days. But after a few hours of sweating you feel grimy, sticky and disgusting. But there isn’t a shower maybe for miles around, let alone a river or lake. But you have to get clean.

Baby Wipes
God bless baby wipes and the person who invented them. There is no point in wasting the precious water you have if you have baby wipes. They’re good for delicate skin and I guarantee you, while not a proper shower, you will feel refreshed and cleaner.

It can make you go from I-can’t-stand-next-to-you to please-hug-me. It is a miracle product which you should always have at hand. However, there is no point in putting deodorant on when you smell but can’t take a shower. You start to smell because of bacteria on your skin mixed with sweat and lack of ventilation. So just spraying on deodorant on your arm pit without cleaning yourself first defeats the point. So the best thing you can have is alcohol wipes.

Alcohol Wipes
Useful for anything. When you’re going to the toilet and don’t want to sit down on the seat but don’t want to stand up, use alcohol wipes! When you have a cut on your hand and want to clean it out, use alcohol wipes! When you are out and travelling and stinking it up but there are no places to clean yourselves properly under the arms, use alcohol wipes! These things are amazing and helped me out so many times. My mum swears by them wherever she goes.

Clean Socks and Underwear
It’s all well and done if you’ve cleaned yourself as well as you can but what your body will really thank you for is a nice clean pair of socks and underwear. There is no point in getting yourself clean and then putting on the same dirty underwear and socks you had before. If you’ve been wearing the same pair of socks for the last few days while out hiking up hills and down valleys, your feet will hate you for it. I’ve seen people get horrendous Athlete’s foot from not changing their socks daily.

Talc (or baby powder)
Another miracle product. Normally marketed as baby powder, it is an essential thing if you want to go travelling or trekking for days on end and want to be more comfortable in doing so. Baby powder between your toes is refreshing and you know that chaffing you sometimes get between your legs? Baby powder can fix that too.

Plastic Bags
From dirty laundry, clean clothes, dirty toilet paper and open shampoo bottles, having spare plastic bags is a must for any trek or journey. Collect plastic bags from shops or buy a roll of them to stick in your bag.

Toilet Paper
Somehow, it’s something a lot of people forget when leaving the house. Useful for a multitude of situations and doesn’t take up too much place. It is best to take a few rolls since you never know what could happen. And trust me; using leaves instead of toilet paper is definitely not preferable.

Hand Sanitizer
A thing all my friends swear by. Many times you wont want to waste precious drinking water in cleaning your hands or you don’t have soap available. All you really need is hand sanitizer. Many of them are alcohol based but all of them generally work by killing the bacteria, viruses and various microorganisms. It dries almost instantly after rubbing it on your hands. However, it’s flammable and it’s better not to use it over a long period of time.