4 things every traveler should know before renting an apartment

By Jovago team | November 2, 20150 Comments

Vacations can be overwhelming when you have a crew of companions making the trip with you. Not only is it energy sapping, it can also be quite expensive. In most cases, the traveler looks to make the process more manageable, and usually, just rents an apartment rather than hotel room or suite.

With apartments, guests have the freedom to choose their own meals, planning it to suit their budget. They have more privacy, space and freedom to choose the length of their stay as a rental can be booked for weeks, months or even years. While booking an apartment can be very exciting, finding a good one can be quite daunting as you often have to choose from a seemingly endless list of options available.

There are a number of things the traveler needs to take into consideration when looking for a new place, and so Jovago.com lists 4 things every traveler should consider before renting an apartment.


Where is the apartment located? What is unique about the location? This is the first question any person on a trip must consider before doling out cash for payment.

It is important that you chose an apartment that is in close proximity to essential points of interest including tourist sites or the conference venue or office building for a team of business travellers as well as market, shopping malls, bank, nightlife and more.

It is also important to consider the environment within which the apartment is located to ensure adequate security and safety. If possible, check the crime reports provided by the local police department and, utilize all official government information.

Cost of Rent

Every traveler has a budget and this eventually informs all the decisions they make when planning a trip. While seeking an apartment, it is important to cut your coat according to your material.

First determine your price span and set a maximum amount for the rent, then search within the range. Sticking to the amount you are willing and able to pay for your period of stay in rental fees ensures that you only look at viable options.


The size and type of rental building greatly affects the range of amenities offered.Depending on the number of persons on your team, it is important to decide on the size of apartment you are certain would accommodate everyone and still provide a measure of comfort.

If it is a group of 5 or 7 , you will need a large space to fit everyone adequately; and for business travellers who will eventually spend very little amount of time in the apartment, seeking out a large house may be wasteful even if the budget is not an issue; rather choose a small apartment, as long as it has Wifi and other business friendly amenities, it should be fine.


The location is great; the price is great…but is it really worth it? The amenities availablewithin the facility determine how comfortable you will be throughout your stay.

First decide what amenities you think are essential to your stay. Once you have acknowledged your necessities and “deal-breakers”, you can categorically strike out the apartments that fail to essentially provide your needs.

Secondly, when you have made identified your choice apartment, do a thorough check of the facilities. Inspect the toilet and pipes for leaks, ensure all the lights or other electronic devices are operational, check the air conditioner, the heater, the walls and windows to see if they lock properly and more. Thorough check reduces the risk of future eventualities.

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