Feeling low? Do this.

Have you ever come back home, collapsed on your bed, and been consumed by a wave of negativity? These ‘lows’ and down moments are tough to escape and leave us feeling drained. We’ve all been there.

To get out of this state, we have a simple technique for you.

As Robin Sharma says in his book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari,the mind can hold only one thought at a time.” So, if you’re thinking about something sad that happened, your mind may stop you from thinking about how incredible you really are!

We can use this to our advantage. The next time a negative thought comes to your mind, don’t fight it. This will only give that thought more attention. Instead, remember that the mind can think of only one thing at a time.

Here’s a simple 3 step process that you can use to get rid of your negative thought:

  1. Become aware that you’re thinking this undesirable thought. Recognize it.
  2. Realize that you can replace it with a positive, happier thought.
  3. Make the switch!

Once your start thinking about the happier thought, it will replace the undesirable one and take up that space in your mind instead! A sweet swap indeed.

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