Importance of Vedic Mathematics

Mathematics as a subject involves deep thinking and mind. These two attributes come after great practice which is oriented towards problem solving. However, it is highly unfortunate that our children are taught mathematics in a very conventional way. The focus is on solving similar problems in larger number but not on solving newer problems and what is the approach to crack them. Increase of calculators, computers, ipads etchas only aggravated the problem further.

Given such a context, Vedic mathematics is very useful and has numerous advantages some of which are listed below:

Increases problem solving ability

Vedic mathematics techniques are basic, easy to learn and find applications in multiple places. Since these are easy to learn, people have a ready knowledge about them and when they encounter a new problem, they have a technique in hand to solve it. On the other hand, consider a technique, which is highly complex, so it will be difficult for someone to apply it at various places even though one possesses knowledge of a complex technique.

Builds creative intelligence

This is by far one of the most underestimated impacts of learning Vedic mathematics. The primary reason is that this will be evident when the child reaches a certain age and beyond that. Vedic mathematics imbibes in children the importance of approaching a problem through multiple ways (Thanks to various techniques it has) and to think out of the box when looking at the problem.

Improves mental sharpness

It is a general perception that Vedic mathematics is mainly focused on simple calculations of multiplication, division, addition etc. However, the scope and application of Vedic mathematics is wider. Vedic mathematics also helps in unravel complex problems of Algebra, Trigonometry, and Geometry. Vedic mathematics ensures the constant usage of mind and hence improves sharpness.

It is both sad and ironical that in the land of great mathematicians like Ramanujan, Aryabhatta, Brahmgupta such an easy, simple and effective way of learning mathematics does not get its due importance.

Empirical studies have proven that general methods of Vedic Mathematics give rise to better retention, more mental mathematics and have made learning mathematics more Joyful.

It is of no doubt that when our country has such a useful way of learning mathematics, it should be taught to children from an early age if not in schools through other mediums.