Mar 9, 2015 · 18 min read

1. The West’s economies are still sick

1.1. Unemployment

1.2. Only low-skilled jobs are coming back

1.3. Software is eating the middle class

1.4. The labor force feels entitled

2. Infrastructure vs. creativity

2.1. Infrastructure

2.1.a. Hardware

2.1.b. Banking

2.1.c. Transport

2.1.d. So who will make money off this infrastructure?

2.1.e. This new infrastructure and its effect on jobs

2.1.f. So, what about education?

2.1.g. So what about public jobs? Like university jobs?

2.2. Creativity

2.2.a. The self-employed creatives

2.2.b. Individuals are making lots and lots of money

2.2.c. Automation divides profits in extremes

2.2.d. So what jobs are left?

3. So, the future is a dichotomy

4. Don’t shoot the messenger

4.1 Are you next?

4.2 Build your skill set

4.3. Can I just ignore this?


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