Future of my Educational App.

In addition to the my previous article which is about appropriate VR platform for my educational application, I answer the following questions to find possible effects of future technological innovations on my Educational application.
My previous article is here.

Question 1- How would Augmented Reality better help teach your experience?

Answer 1- To support real and physical educational materials in the classroom environment It may be spectacular to show the geographical features of the mountains to the students with the help of AR technology. It is a great effect to quickly create and rotate the desired size on the student’s desk of the mountains.

Question 2- How could eye tracking help you better tailor your experience to your students?

Answer 2- By using Eye Tracking technology my app could be more effective and realistic . So It would make the experience more qualified.

Question 3- How would better Haptics better teach your experience?

Answer 3- Haptic feedbacks, such as touching and feeling to better understand the physical differences and different structural features of the mountains, will make an extremely important contribution to learning.

Question 4- How important is graphical fidelity to your experience?

Answer 4- Graphical fidelity is very important for the app. Especially 
better resolution, textures, lighting and particles will help the student to focus more easily on education topic.

Question 5- How critical is it that your target student receives this training within the next two years?

Answer 5-Receiving the training within the next two years is critical for my target students. Because the impact of future haptic and AR technology developments on my educational app may be too great.