Two Biggest Advantages Of Loneliness

Lonely and isolated people tend to feel sad and desperate about their situation because of their previous failed attempts to solve this issue. They believe that this is their faith and they should stay miserable. Listen I don't know the best way to make real and good friends. But I don't think people should stay miserable because of their loneliness. Because there is another side of the coin.

Loneliness has some advantages but when people feel lonely they tend to pretend how others are having fun and how they are miserable. Well through my experience this does not have to be true at all. Two biggest advantages of loneliness are:

1. You have more time compared to regular people.

2. You can determine how you feel and who you will be.

The first one is not that obvious but it is true. Lonely people have so much time compared to regular people because most people receive lots of calls and texts during the day their phone and the people around them always buzzing to get their attention.

Lonely people don’t have this problem that’s why through hard work they can get done a lot more especially in terms of individual tasks. Also they can move, act and decide much quickly without carrying other people’s weight or opinions on their shoulders. That’s why if they train their focus and willpower lonely people can achieve so much in a short amount of time compared to regular people especially if they do lots of research about lots of different subjects. Now some people can say that well if more people work together with laser sharp focus and strong willpower they will achieve more than what lonely person could. That’s true however most of the time we don’t see that kind of behavior in today’s society. Most people are caught off their day to day routines and unable to notice what they are doing with their lives. Also I don’t know a guaranteed way to get people to support you consistently without facing too much resistance, rejection and adversity. So let’s accept the reality for what it is and do something about it. But be careful this can become the biggest disadvantage as well because if you spend your abundant time with overthinking, dwelling and thinking how desperate you are things will go bad this time.

Also emotions literally makes addiction. When you feel an emotion over and over again neurologically your brain creates neural connections and pathways to reach that emotion more quickly. That’s how depression happens by the way. Brain creates neurological paths and change its chemistry to reach sadness and other emotions more quickly. Combined with sh*tty external reference experiences people get from outside world they can’t get out of the constant feeling of sadness, guilt, frustration and anger. That’s why you have to use your time to do productive things.

Second advantage is much more about your state and perception. In one of the previous stories I covered the importance of people around you. Also there is a saying which suggests: You are the sum of 5 people in your life. I believe in that but when you don't have anyone around you who you can be and what you will become depends only on your choices and actions. You don't get that much external influence. That's why you have more control over your life. By taking certain actions and you can change the way you feel and when you realize the emotions you feel determines the quality of your life you don't get sad that much. Practically when you combine a positive state with hard working attitude you can shake the whole world. Now go out and crush it...

Take Care 
Have A Great Day