“Deciding as a company what diversity means”
Jane Doe, programmer

Thanks for the feedback, Jane Doe. At Lever, we do have a number of employees over the age of 40 (though we appreciate your compliments — perhaps we don’t look our age!).

We also have a Slack channel for Parents, and we certainly do our best to be supportive of employees from a gender identification perspective. On that front, we recently changed our standard bathroom signs to ‘those who identify as women’ and ‘those who identify as men’, and ran an interesting experiment of hanging a Kinsey scale behind one of the stalls for people to anonymously register where they fell on the scale. It prompted a lot of healthy dialogue at the company about sexual orientation.

We can, happily, confirm the absence of both ping pong tables and beer taps at our headquarters. We do organize an in-office happy hour once a month to welcome new Leveroos after they’ve completed ‘ramp camp’, our onboarding program… but everyone tends to behave themselves. :)

In summary, we’re doing all we can to build a respectful and welcoming workplace for all. That said, there’s always room for improvement. Diversity and inclusion is a journey; we’ll never be done.