When we dream of a glorious career and financial prosperity, vampires are cool. Vampires are independent, determined, inventive, lone fighters who defeat death. They have style. They dress well. They are smart. They fall in love.

Zombies, by comparison, are faceless proletariats with ceaseless mindless jobs that they work in an undifferentiated way, alone or in packs. They wear clothing with the stains from their jobs, they have no prospect of change or advancement. And this is a real horror.

I think one of the reasons why zombie stories become so popular in the last decade is that we are living in a time of uncertainty when all problems got too ambiguous with no tangible and clear solutions. We don’t know where we are and where we are going, but we are full of societies and psychological fears or concerns: terrorism, never ending wars, global warming, environmental disasters, racism, consumerism, melting-down financial institutions and thousands other points. Maybe instinctively we feel that we are losing faith in organizations and society, understanding the single point that our life is in our hands. Maybe it is the time when we have to be ready to kill zombies, find a weapon, find food, find shelter and survive.