2018 sum up and Leviar Platform

Dear Leviar community,

In our continuous effort to communicate with our community we publish today the 2018 sum up and the 2019 update.

During 2018 we rebranded and worked on the pillars of our project, the wallet and the services around it, let’s take a look back:

March 2018 Rebrand (announced on April)
Official Announcement — LeviarCoin becomes Leviar

April 2018 mobile app release
Leviar Android App — Download it on Google Play Store

June fork to Monero Codebase
Leviar — Switch to Monero code base (dates and details)

August Documentation and Paper Wallet
Documentation portal released — Announcing now Paper Wallet.

September Explorer API
Leviar Block Explorer API

November fork to CryptoNight V2 and wallet updates
Leviar project update [October 2018]

December working on Leviar Platform white paper

Now, we are ready to announce the next steps for our project:

In the second half of Jan 2019 we will release the white paper of the Leviar Platform project along with the website to explain what is, in detail, Leviar Platform.

Leviar Platform is a project which aims to revolutionise the way users browse the internet and how publishers/developers earn from their contents.

We get used to see advertising everywhere on web pages and applications, advertising pays only one time every 1000 views (usually).

What we are doing is to give to users the chance to choose whether to see advertising or to give a small part of their CPU to make mining operations without being forced to see pages/apps with more ads than content, Leviar Platform will act as a worldwide distributed pool.

Transactions within the Leviar Platform rely on the ETH blockchain using an ERC 223 token (Leviar Platform Tokens), exchangeable only on the platform with XLC coins at the rate of 1:1.

Advertisers can get Leviar Platform Tokens directly on the platform using BitPay or directly exchanging XLC, on the other side developers/publishers can choose to earn XLC, Platfork Tokens or BTC/ETH.

40% of Leviar Platform Tokens earning are used to buy back XLC, 60% will be used to keep alive the whole Platform (development, marketing, infrastructure, etc…)

Along with the white paper release, the launch date (beta + stable) of the new platform will be revealed, approximately Q3 2019 (beta) and Q1 2020 (stable).

During 2019 we‘ll also continue working on wallets and the blockchain, with 2 planned forks of June’19 and December’19.

Keep following us to know more about the project.

— Leviar Team