March 1st — Release 2.1.3v Fork at block 325000 (estimated on March 6th) — White Paper / Roadmap Release — OFFICIAL STATEMENT

Feb 27, 2018 · 2 min read

We want to update the community about the current situation of the project and the plan we are following to keep this project moving forward.

As many of you already know the Leviar project went through changes since the announcement of the ICO, the original team dismembered, and a new team was assembled. With these changes in people come a change in ideology. Because of the new team’s philosophy, the project will abandon the objective of building a DRM system over blockchain.
Our team was contemplating this change for a while, and it is finally decided.

So we are considering few options and different alternative business models. This change is something we are doing not only for the good of the project but also for the good of the stakeholders, a team that doesn’t believe in the mission of the project will not be the most dedicated team.

On the technical side. The team decided to switch our codebase to monero’s code to shortcut the process of developing a cutting-edge privacy oriented blockchain application. But the amount of work required to correctly and safely switch to monero’s source code is very considerable. There are many issues around compatibility of the code with current existing blockchain and fixing all of them will take some time. So more time will be required to deliver our major update, in ballpark about a month or two (Details will be announced later)

On March 1st we will release an update (based on the original code) that will fork the blockchain. This will increase the block size enough to unlock the locked big transactions and the block. The fork will be activated at the block height of 325000. This update will solve the immediate blockchain issues.

As for the whitepaper and the roadmap. There will be a delay because as we said before. We are working hard to make the best architecture and business plans for the project. A comprehensive whitepaper and roadmap will be released 20th March.

We understand that this may come as a disappointment to some members of our community and everyone who is waiting for the release of the whitepaper and the roadmap. But we rather take time to deliver the best our team can offer.

Finally, we thank the entire Leviar community for their support, understanding, and their faith in our team. Thank you so much and rest assured that we are working very hard to make this project and great success.

— The Leviar Team


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