3 Pieces

#1.) It’s Not About The $$$

Last year I went to northern Illinois and delivered a presentation. While I was there I stopped by a local shopping mall and walked around in the time I had to kill before arriving at the school to speak. While there I saw some amazing restaurants serving everything from steak to ice cream similar what the astronauts eat. There were clothing shops everywhere and some I went into I found many items I envisioned myself in, what can I say, I won’t wear just anything.

Then I came to an in-scent store and went inside. They had scented wicks, candles, sprays and even different shapes you could put around your car mirror to make your vehicle smell like a tropical island or a meadow after a spring rain. It was near the back of the store that a wooden rack stood about five feet tall and three feet wide. On this rack was candles you could light to bring specific elements into your life. You could light candles for things such as good health, legal help, good weather, having a baby, money and sobriety.

Now each bin on the shelf held between fifteen and twenty candles and there might have been over ten bins on this particular rack. Many of the bins had a couple candles missing, some even had up to eight or nine missing. However one bin in particular was completely out of candles. Can you guess which one?


What I noticed was that everyone bought a candle to burn in the desire of financial freedom but only two or three candles were missing from the bin labeled ‘Happiness’. The visual truth was that our world today has become a society where the amount of money we have is that to which we are gauged by as either a success or not a success. The reality is that the state of happiness (not the feeling alone) is what has the power to make all of those other elements labeled on those bins possible! When you wake up tomorrow, try and go an entire day without the thoughts of how much money you can make that day and instead by what will deliver the most happiness into the world. Remember, you never see a Brinks truck behind a hearse!

#2.) Don’t Leave Crumbs Behind

Imagine your at a concert and your in your seat and completely ready about the show when you look three rows ahead and discover that a friend you have owed money to for months is in attendance for the same concert. Talk about a tight spot!

I hope not, but imagine you had an affair with a married man or woman and found them and their spouse at the same PTO meeting one night with their spouse. That too is a pretty tight spot!

Now imagine that you went out on Friday night and had too many drinks and now was unfit to drive your child to their early morning soccer practice. Again, pretty tight spot! It’s in times like these that we are creating crumbs, just like eating a cookie that is delicious at first, we are leaving behind the inevitable crumbs that must be handle afterwards. Borrow money from a friend and pay it back so you don’t have to worry. Don’t have that affair in the first place and that PTO meeting will be a breeze and control your drinking habit so you can make being at every soccer practice a habit instead!

#3.) Never Forget Your Purpose

It was the Super Bowl of 2016 and the Atlanta Falcons were facing the highly favored New England Patriots. It was a game where odds makers had Atlanta losing favorably to the multiple time champs yet by halftime the underdogs were the ones who shocked the world to be handing it to the Patriots by three touchdowns.

By halftime, the world had written New England off and many turned off their televisions and went to bed. It was during this time that the projected winning Atlanta Falcons emerged from their locker room as if it was all over but the shouting. They became comfortable with their lead and became a different team than the one that had burst onto the scene in the first half.

By the end of the game, it was New England that would go on to make the biggest comeback in Super Bowl history and defeat the Falcons. It wasn’t that New England suddenly decided to play, it was the position where Atlanta lost their identity due to such a sizable lead and allowed their purpose to become clouded by the smoke of premature certainty. Even when it seems like there is no way you can lose always remember that the hare thought he was easily going to beat the turtle and we all know the he went home nothing but regrets. Stay focused and remember what your purpose is and you will always walk away the winner, despite the final score!

“Starve your distractions and feed your goals!” — Author Unknown