Why I Left the Right: How Studying Religion Made Me a Liberal
Susie Meister

“Jesus was a champion of the poor, the weak, the meek, and downtrodden. He encouraged his followers to “sell their possessions” and give them to the poor. He hung out with hookers and crooks. The lifestyle of Jesus didn’t look anything like the politics of the Right.”

So true; but for good reason. Study Bill Whittle; he does well in explaining why conservatives act the way we do — we’re called to act like Jesus in our personal lives, but the state can’t act like Jesus. Bill repeats an old saying “Conservatives would rather feel bad about doing good, while liberals would rather feel good while doing bad.” The important thing is the results of our policies. We can do the most good and help the most people with modern conservationism (individualism), which is classical liberalism.

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