Google Notes

I was an Evernote user for a year before I realized that all of my grand ideas about how I was going to use the product weren’t matching my real-world use. I wanted to curate my every thought. I wanted to catalog not only every daily to-do list, but every blog post idea, inspiring article I found on the web, and long ramble from 3AM. I wanted to use Evernote to backup my brain. All of this is possible using Evernote. In fact, people use it in more complex and beautiful ways than I ever imagined possible. But I never used Evernote like I thought I would, at least not consistently.

I have the Evernote web clipper Chrome extension and the Android mobile app. I have access to the tools to make notes wherever I am. So why wasn’t I using it? The question haunted me for a while, as silly as that sounds. When you fail to do something you know you want to do you start to internalize the failing as some unconscious ineptitude - Some little bit of yourself that you don’t have control of saying, “We will not accept this new habit. We will not”. Maybe my brain is really concerned about privacy issues in the internet age. Maybe my brain has copyright protection that I don’t know about.

No, I wasn’t using Evernote because Evernote isn’t connected to anything else I do, it’s not simple enough, and it’s not pretty.

That’s when I ditched Evernote and started using Catch. I didn’t do it because I thought Catch was going to change the way I took notes the way I expected Evernote to. I started using Catch because it was better at recording the kinds of notes I was actually making using Evernote. Catch is simple, has a clean interface, and it’s super pretty. The notes I was taking were simple, sometimes clean, and sometimes pretty (I really like bullet points).

So, I found a solution to streamlining my current behavior, but that doesn’t mean I’m happy with it. I still want to take and save notes in a BIG way. I want to flip through my notes 50 years from now Minority Report style and feel like I’m taking a swim through my 23 year old mind. I want to archive everything.

I want a Google-made notes solution, and I think they have the infrastructure to do it. Nearly every other service I rely on is connected and backed up through Google, why not my every recorded thought. This is my dream product:

+ Google Notes and Google Tasks become one product. You can attach a date that will sync with google calender to any note.

+ Every note and task is automatically separated by date (current date unless otherwise specified) and easily navigated by date

+ Completely integrated with Google Drive. In a way, the service would act as an extension to drive, automatically adding subfolders within Drive labeled “tasks” and “notes”

+ Similar folder creation and use to Evernote.

+ Ultra-simplified mobile UI. Most of my notes are made on mobile. I want to click an icon or widget, select a folder, and type the note. Other options can be accessed through a separate menu, but I don’t want to see them. Simplicity is what Catch does that makes me use it with consistency.

+ Notes, task lists, and folders all completely shareable.

In all, what I really want is even more vertical integration from Google. In a lot of ways I want them to create an ecosystem with Apple ideals. I want their stock applications to fill all of my basic needs, and I consider integrated notes a basic. I don’t think this product is too much of a pipe dream. In fact, I think it’s probably being worked on right now. Then again, Google is probably working on wheelchairs for bipedal rats, with the amount of projects they have going at once.