2019 Begins Like 2016

Hmm… 2019 is here but I don’t feel like 2018 has been over. Mainly it is because I had to miss my New Year’s tradition of seeing my friends near the Christmas tree in the center of Linda this year.

Guess why? I had a fever on the 31st of December. I got sick quite unexpectedly while I was preparing for the night and I had a fever until the 6th of January.

A fever added to my general tiredness turned those seven days into one endless day. Some days I didn’t sleep a wink. Still I dragged myself out of my bed to spend some time with my family. By the way, my cousin, Olga, her husband, Misha, and their daughter Sofa came over to our place for New Year’s vacation, and then my aunt and my God mother came. And while I was fine (or pretended to be fine) we did jigsaw puzzles. And it was hilarious, really. We spent more than 24 hours in general doing three big pictures, but the most difficult one was the London picture.

As you can see on the photo, the sky is dark, so we had hard times dealing with it.

I enjoyed the activity mostly because the whole family was involved in it. Olga, Misha, my father and I were doing puzzles while my mother was distracting Sofa who wanted to ruin the puzzle.

On the 6th of January when I finally woke up alert I decided to work on my PR assignments (I tried to do something every day, but it was hard to concentrate because of headache and weakness) and then I was going outside with my family but something went wrong and we stayed at home. Next day my cousin and her family went home, unfortunately.

The 7th of January was the greatest day of the winter vacation because I went out with my good friends and we spent four incredible hours on our local snow slide. And now I have my legs covered with bruises (: That is winter for me. And then we went to the skate rink just to watch a spectacular hockey play. I returned back home quite late, and I was cold but happy.

And now, on the 8th of January I’m doing my homework and going to see my best friend in a few hours.

I want to come clean I had great plans for those 10 days but I spent only two days (12/29 and 12/30) as I had planned, actually. On those days I walked a lot (alone), helped my parents and watched some films in English. By the way, I have finished watching the sitcom which I started watching when I turned 16!!! I can’t say I like it a lot, but it was okay, relaxing to watch (in English, of course).

To sum up, it has been not the best beginning of the year. My 2016 started almost in the same way, but 2016 has been the most wonderful year in my life. That is why I hope it’s not just a coincidence and 2019 will be at least as good as 2016.