Michelle Marks is dead, Brock Turner is a rapist, & men are still blaming literally every single…
laura louise

You want men to take blame as a whole for some stuff some stupid guys chose to do? Are you fucking stupid???

Ok I understand that everything that happened is absolutely horrible. I would never wish that upon anyone. EVER. There is absolutely no excuse what so ever for any of the actions these people have taken against these women, I am not justifying it in any way what so ever.

But, when you say that men should start fucking taking the blame as an entire gender, im sorry but thats just fucking stupid. I have never done anything remotely close to harassing a women in any way shape or form. If you want me to take responsibility for something a phsychotic rapist did then you need to think again.

Let me put this into perspective. A white man calls a black guy a stupid N****. Then the entire black community lashes on white people as a whole because of something 1 white guy did. Is that ok? no…. It isn’t.

What you are doing is generalizing all males to be the same. You all need to take responsibility for these other male rapists. You are males too.


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