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The important things; Love, Friendship & Togetherness

with Arthur

Earlier this year I was approached by Arthur, he wanted to surprise his future wife by singing ‘Take Flight’ at their wedding ceremony. He emailed me for the chords and lyrics. I felt honored, but I never know the chords to my own song (“shhhhh don’t tell anyone”), so I had to ask Filippo (my guitar player and friend) to write them down for me. That was quite handy, cause now I know WTF I’m playing. Anyways, I sent him the chords, asked him to send me a copy, if they filmed it, and I wished him good luck. I didn’t expect to ever hear from him again… I was wrong.

WhatsApp received on Thu, Jun 22 — 7:33pm (unknown number )

Hi Levi, some time ago we have had email contact regarding the guitar chords of your beautiful song ‘take flight’. I am willing to sing your song for my future wife during our wedding. One of my best friends was willing to play your song on his guitar to support me. However unfortunately he is having trouble to learn the song in a way that he is confident enough to play it well during our wedding. Long story short I was hoping if you could possibly help me with the instrumental version of ‘take flight’. The wedding is already in a few weeks so it would mean a lot to me if you could take some of your valuable time to come back to me. Many thanks in advance for your concern and have a nice day! Best wishes, Arthur
shot by Johnathan Baena

My reply (thinking it’s a wedding in the Netherlands)

[11:58 AM, 6/28/2017] Levi Silvanie: Hi Arthur 
[11:58 AM, 6/28/2017] Levi Silvanie: It would be difficult for me to fix the soundtrack, cause I recorded it as a one taker. 
[11:59 AM, 6/28/2017] Levi Silvanie: I wouldn’t mind accompanying you to play it at your wedding. 
[11:59 AM, 6/28/2017] Levi Silvanie: You’ll sing I’ll play. 
[11:59 AM, 6/28/2017] Levi Silvanie: One song (you just need to arrange the sound logistics and my travels) 
[12:00 PM, 6/28/2017] Levi Silvanie: Let me know if that solves the issue 
[12:00 PM, 6/28/2017] Levi Silvanie: Greets

“Yessss! I’m the annoying guy that presses ENTER after every single line!”

Arthur’s reply

Hi Levi, thanks a lot for your prompt reply and your very thoughtful and appreciated offer :) So the big question is; from where are you flying if you would come over? The wedding is on the 24th of July in Tuscany, Italy.

Yup, I just stared at my phone screen for the longest second, thinking “Levi you stupid #$%%E#@*… You just agreed to play for free, to a millionaire”. *(this is the part where you laugh at my joke)

That’s how I met Arthur, one of the most determined people I’ve ever met in my entire life. We got together that same week on Thursday to rehearse the song and from that moment I realized that this was not just a rare gig that would take me to Italy, but the start of something of much deeper meaning and value — a friendship.

In a very short period of time I’ve come to experience how this guy goes ‘all in’ for what he believes in and the people he loves and care for. There’s no such thing as “it’s not possible”, he takes charge and makes it happen. Not at all a rich man in terms of his bank account and his form of spending, but a rich man in terms of the quality of life he choses to live and the way he moves mountains to share that life with his loved ones.

One week before the wedding he invited me to join him and his closest friends, to spend the Sunday afternoon prior to the wedding day, at an Italian barbershop. It was an honor to be invited, but to actually be part of that experience, made an impact on my life.

with the boys at Sandro’s Barbershop

I never really had close friends. I have one really really close friend, and even so, sometimes I ask him: “how do you put up with my shit?”. I’m extremely bad at staying in contact, cause I’m always “busy” doing something and the worst part; I tend to always forget birthdays. (“writing this blog I realize that I just forget his son’s birthday… Bad Levi, Bad”).

Anyways back to the barbershop… I felt welcomed right away; I was part of the family. Funny enough they were all very different from each other, but the quality of their relationship was undeniable. It was as if they all shared the same drive. They went ‘all in’ to make sure it was an unforgettable experience where everyone enjoyed.

At the end what I loved the most about this wedding wasn’t because it was in Italy or the beautiful castle we all stayed in. What made an impact on me was the sense of love, friendship and togetherness that all 70 of us shared during those two days in Tuscany.

“Don’t get too caught up in the important stuff and forget the important things — people”.

“Thanks Arthur”

with Ronald, Sandro (the barber), Ferdinand, Arthur, Kostas, Alex and Tony

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